Miss Delavere FAQs

FAQs With Miss DeLaVere

Do you offer outcalls?
No, I do not offer outcall appointments as I have all the required facilities at My home.
Can I travel to see you by train?
Yes, If you intend travelling to see Me by train, My closest station is Ashford International, which is 37 minutes on the High-Speed rail service from St Pancras station in central London, after which a ten minute taxi ride will bring you to My door. So within an hour of leaving central London you can be arriving at My door.
I have a particular scenario in mind – Can you help me realize my fantasy?
I am open to all suggestions that fit with My personas of Execu-Domme, Sex-Therapist or Cougar MILF, so you are welcome to e-mail Me outlining (briefly) any specific scenarios for My consideration. You should note that I will not work to set scripts or complicated scenarios but am happy to embrace the overall concept of a specific situation – if I find it to be stimulating & interesting.
Can I discuss my requirements in detail with you on the phone?
No, I do not discuss the details of what ‘activities’ may take place during a session on the telephone. All the details you need to know are clearly set-out here on My website but if you have any specific requests or queries that are not covered, then you may e-mail Me with details for My due consideration.
Can I contact You via Social Media?
BEWARE OF FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES! I do not message or ‘chat’ with people on social media (I simply don’t have the time) so if you are messaging or ‘chatting’ with Me on ‘X’ (Twitter) or Instagram etc. then I’m afraid you are being scammed!

I only conduct correspondence via My website or direct e-mail address (which can be found on My websites) so don’t be fooled by any fake profiles (which seem to spring-up with alarming regularity) run by scammers – they have nothing to do with Me!

Can you send me your number so that I can call you to arrange a booking?

No, I do not divulge My number to anyone I haven’t already met. To arrange an appointment, first contact Me using the Enquiry form to confirm My availability for your preferred date/time, then (once I have responded accordingly) send Me an appointment request using the form provided for your convenience on my Contact page with all the relevant details and I will then telephone you to confirm your attendance.

It's difficult for me to answer my phone/I do not answer calls from Withheld numbers / Can you text or e-mail me to confirm an appointment?
No, if it is not possible for Me to be able to speak to you in person, then unfortunately it will not be possible to arrange an appointment.
Can I book provisionally & confirm it later / on the day?
No, I only accept 100% definite confirmed bookings. Any ‘no shows’ or late cancellations will not be offered any future appointments – no exceptions!
Do you have discreet access and parking facilities?

Yes, I am situated in a discreet area with private off-road parking right outside my door.

Are your rates negotiable?
Absolutely! You are welcome to increase My stated rates to whatever level you deem worthy!
Do You accept payment by credit card?
I will accept payment in cash (GBP) upon your arrival, which should be handed to Me in an envelope. I am also able to accept payment by Mastercard/VISA debit or credit card by prior arrangement (charges will appear discreetly as simply ‘Account Charge’ on your statement with no reference to Myself).
Do you offer same-day appointments?
Advance booking is highly recommended but occasionally My schedule may permit same-day appointments. You should of course e-mail Me prior to submitting an appointment request to ascertain My availability – especially when seeking an appointment at relatively short-notice.
May I bring you a gift when visiting?
Yes. you are welcome to e-mail Me once an appointment has been made to ascertain My favourite perfumes, as these do change from time-to-time. Chocolates, flowers & alcohol are not My preferred gifts. If purchasing clothing I take a UK dress size 10/12 and shoe size 8.
Do you enjoy CFNM sessions?
Yes, I particularly enjoy CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male) scenarios during which you will be order to strip absolutely naked immediately upon your arrival and your clothes will be taken from you and locked away by Me until I permit you to leave. I will remain fully clothed in figure-hugging attire and you will be ordered to attend me in whatever way I may desire, such as carrying out household chores or other duties whilst I subject you to verbal humiliation about the derisory size of your (undoubtedly erect) penis. My secluded garden means that in the summer months such scenarios can take place outside. Rest assured that I will take great delight in ridiculing and embarrassing you!
Miss DeLaVere Executive Domination Mistress FAQs

I am pleased to entertain both novice and experienced submissives

As long as you are a genuine believer in female superiority, and adhere strictly to My rules of engagement, our meeting will be harmonious and satisfying for us both.