Miss Delavere

Executive Domination Mistress
Miss Delavere Financial Domination Mistress

Welcome – I am Miss DeLaVere, Executive Domination Mistress

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac’ – an epithet that echoes through the corridors of commerce and high finance.

Do you long to relinquish all control? Do you desire to be at the total mercy of a formidable female CEO/ Execu-Domme?

If your answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ you have finally found the person to make your dreams, desires and fantasies a reality.

‘Miss DeLaVere is without peer in the upper echelon of U.K. Mistresses, occupying an unprecedented position of supremacy. An alluring blend of eloquence, education, sophistication and corporate severity’.

My multi-faceted persona encompasses all aspects of the BDSM genre. I perfectly understand the symbiotic relationship between Domme and submissive on both a mental and physical level.

‘Whether administering pain or pleasure, Miss DeLaVere’s finely tuned mind and polished skills encompass the entire spectrum of Female control – all administered with a genuine love of Her craft. Accordingly, She has attained Her rightful position in a field that has long been due its true doyenne’.

Should you be fortunate enough to be granted an audience, you can anticipate an experience fully in accord with your expectations. If you wish Me to be the Bitch of Bitches, the Queen of humiliation or to be totally used as My disposable sexual plaything, you will find that these are inherent/natural elements of My nature.

I am Miss DeLaVere – Your pain is My pleasure!

Miss DeLaVere London Executive Domme

I am pleased to entertain both novice and experienced submissives

As long as you are a genuine believer in female superiority, and adhere strictly to My rules of engagement, our meeting will be harmonious and satisfying for us both.