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To contact Miss DeLaVere to arrange an appointment, or enquire about an Online Skype Session, YOU MUST first e-mail Me using the General Enquires Form below to ascertain My availability for your preferred date/time. When this is done and once I have responded to confirm My availability, you should then complete & submit the Booking form below ensuring that you have provided all the required details and I shall then telephone you at my convenience to issue a summons for you to attend.

It is important that you check my availability first, my time is not to be wasted. Incomplete or incorrectly completed Booking forms will simply be deleted.

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*After completing my form, if you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please email miss.delavere@gmail.com – only use this email if I do not reply to your form submission or the form fails. ** Your IP address will be logged on form submission for security.

I am pleased to entertain both novice and experienced submissives

As long as you are a genuine believer in female superiority, and adhere strictly to My rules of engagement, our meeting will be harmonious and satisfying for us both.