CFNM with Miss Delavere Executive Domination Mistress


I very much enjoy CFNM scenarios and of course this can be adapted to many situations – let Me know if you have favourite idea in mind for My consideration.

Immediately upon your arrival you will be ordered strip completely naked in front of Me whilst I sit in an armchair and watch. You will be instructed to fold your clothes neatly and place them in a basket that I will have ready. Once you are naked, your clothes will be taken and locked away. When I return from doing this I shall conduct an intimate examination whilst I make derisory comments about your physique and particularly your genitals.

I shall then instruct you to masturbate your cock hard in front of Me whilst I ask you a series of probing & embarrassing questions about your sex-life before I shall likely set you to work carrying-out some domestic duties under My strict supervision – or perhaps waiting on Me serving Champagne or the suchlike.

I shall remain dressed in whatever outfit you may like to see Me in – My preference being for tight skirt & satin blouse over a black quarter-cup bra & thong with seamed-stockings, suspenders & stilettos (although at My discretion I may remove the skirt & blouse if I so choose). If at any time I am displeased with your conduct, I reserve the right to administer a sound slap across your bare arse with My hand – or perhaps a crop.

In the summer months My secluded garden is also available for CFNM activities – perhaps you will be ordered to carry out gardening work naked or serve Me tea on My patio nude whilst I openly ridicule you in disparaging terms. I may even telephone a female friend and film you waiting on Me whilst we openly discuss & laugh at you.

It is likely that the culmination of your visit will involve you being ordered to masturbate to completion in front of Me whilst I laugh at your humiliation (possibly with JOI & CEI) or perhaps I may decide to wank you off – possibly over My 36″DD breasts if I choose to (although of course once you have made a disgusting mess by squirting heavily over My tits, you will be expected to lick it all off!)

Once I am tired of you, you will be handed back your clothes and summarily dismissed.

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