Miss Delavere Financial Domination Mistress

Miss DeLaVere – About Me:

As a highly skilled & experienced practicing Dominatrix with a wealth of experience in all aspects of BDSM, I genuinely enjoy using & abusing submissive male ‘slaves’ for My own personal pleasure & amusement in My own fully-equipped private chambers.

However, I am different to most other Dommes in that, being a highly-sexed woman, I actively enjoy including sexual activities as part of My sessions – indeed I see it as My right to use My slave’s bodies for My own sexual gratification if I so wish – men to Me are nothing more than sex-toys!

In addition to straightforward Fem-Dom sessions in My playroom, I also very much enjoy role-play scenarios in which I adopt a Dominant role over males. Role-play sessions also lend themselves well to those wishing to take a first step into the world of Fem-Dom, or for those who are not into the ‘full-on’ BDSM world of whips & chains but do like the idea of being bossed around by a sexually demanding ‘Execu-Domme’.

My favourites personas are the domineering Dom Female Boss and the strict Sex-Therapist as these give lots of scope for all manner of stimulating situations!

I tailor My sessions to suit each individual, so a session can include anything from Me simply being bossy & sexually demanding to full-on Fem-Dom activities ranging from mild to extreme! Equally the level of sexual interaction can be varied accordingly, from little or none, to Me fully using your erection for My pleasure. Of course, any pre-set limits will always be adhered to as regards the level of Domination & sexual interaction and I will conduct an interview prior to the commencement of the session to establish these & agree on any limits.

My facilities include a spacious, fully-equipped, mirrored playroom available for Fem-Dom activities or, for those wishing for a somewhat gentler experience, my sumptuous boudoir lends itself well to ‘Tie & Tease’ sessions.

I have outlined how an Execu-Domme or Sex-Therapist session might progress in further detail on the dedicated pages. In addition to these role-play scenarios I am also willing to consider other situations that would also afford Me the opportunity to adopt a Dominant role, so if you have a particular idea in mind you may e-mail Me with brief details and I will advise you if it would be of interest to Me or not.

Another favourite scenario of Mine is to adopt the role of a Cougar MILF (think Mrs Robinson from the classic 1967 film ‘The Graduate’) who enjoys seducing unsuspecting men and demanding that they satisfy to Her insatiable sexual desires! Again, such a situation can be tailored to suit as regards the level of Fem-Dom activities and further specific information can be found on the dedicated page.

Miss Delavere About Me